Thursday, September 11, 2008

You don't have to put up with painful dentures!

When you pay a dentist for dentures, you deserve to receive comfortable, well fitting and functional dentures. Sure, there may be a couple of sore spots that show up, but your dentist should be encouraging you to come in as soon as there is anything that hurts.

Unfortunately, many dentists just want to forget you were their patient once they've delivered your expensive dentures. Why? Because every time you sit in that chair for an adjustment, they are not making "new" money on you (or some other patient).

Several people I have talked to feel that their dentist is "doing everything possible to make me comfortable"......people, if they had done it right from the beginning you would not be going through this! There's a right way and a wrong way to do everything and today's dental students are not taught very much about dentures....including how to do impressions properly!

There is no leeway when doing impressions for dentures!! If not done EXACTLY right, the dentures will never fit properly. A tiny micro-millimeter mistake in the measurement could create a lot of trouble down the road.

The answer to all this? Find a denturist to make your dentures. And make the dentist who does a bad job refund your money!! File a complaint with the Dental Association of your state. Do NOT just walk away, put the bad dentures in a drawer and then go to someone else and pay for new dentures (which also may never fit right)! Let's work together to make the dental industry STOP ripping off denture wearers!

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Cynthia said...

I just found this interesting site about health problems and denture cream that also gives some important safety informations that denture wearers might find useful:

Cynthia said...

Poligrip, Fixodent, and other denture creams have been linked to neurological and other problems. This site has some good information and recourse options:

David said...

I recently had an experience much like what you’ve described. A few years back I lived in the Southwest and was diagnosed with periodontal disease. At that time I had a couple of deep scaling and followed the advice of my dentist which seemed to work pretty well but he wanted upwards of $15,000 to complete treatment including implants. Well I ended up moving to a town in SE North Carolina that has about 30 dentists of various types. My dentist here referred me to the only periodontist in town and he doesn’t take insurance and gave me estimates including a minimum $7000 down payment to get started. I am a 44 y/o man that just got out of college last year and have not caught up enough yet to have that $ laying around so I went back to my dentist who said I should just get them all pulled (there were 12 teeth on my upper bridge including all front teeth; 9 of which had no cavities or fillings + 3 w/ fillings). The dentist also said he couldn’t even give me a teeth cleaning with the periodontal disease. So I looked for a ne guy but the town is very small so I had my kids and wife go to him – it seemed harmless enough.

Well about 10 months later I was eating a tough piece of steak and my left lateral incisor sort of tilted to the right. Well as I feared it was broken low. In any case the dentist said it was time to pull all of my teeth and go with dentures. He emailed his quote from the prior year with a list of costs and I agreed to do it largely dependent on his advice. I really had no idea that it would basically impact all aspects of my life – eating, everything – and the dentist simply did not have the time to talk to me so I could ask all of my questions before to teeth were pulled. . I rue and lament my decision to take his advise because he had really just told me in a very cavalier way – “oh yeah. Time to get em’ pulled. When do you want to come in and get your impression?” His nurse took that impression and two more in subsequent weeks saying they did not get a good one.

He pulled them – it’s been 6 weeks and I have pain all over my mouth daily. I’ve tried use Fixodent but the thing moves. The teeth are rounded at the ends kind of and when I bite down on my lower teeth it moves my chine to the right of center. The surrounding plastic plate is really thick such that it looks like I have an athletic mouth guard in and I’ve received a couple of unsolicited comments about it. I can’t even eat vey soft food without the teeth coming off the gum entirely, and I can’t cut anything as hard as bread crust with them. I began looking for a new Dr. because I really kind of disgusted looking back that;

1) He did not emphasize or discuss how life changing this would be.
2) He only briefly discussed my denture options.
3) He did not discuss any other options until I asked him during my 3rd impression appointment. At that time he said I could put a “flapper” in but that it would be intrusive to me – then he went back to giving me the impression as he needed to get to other patients. I guess the flapper must be a single tooth hooked to a palette plate I can leave in when not eating – I would give anything to have an intrusive “flapper” now and my other teeth back. Not hanging on to those other ten teeth was the worst decision I ever recall making.
4) I still have no plan about how to proceed from here. He simply told me when I returned for my 48 hours check after the teeth were pulled that this denture is a transition. E have not ever decided or discussed what the final denture is going to be.

I just know I don’t trust him anymore. I need to figure out what the very best denture I can get is and try to restore my mouth. I’ve called a couple of other dentists in this town of ~100000 people and 1 of them tried to assign me to my very same dentist who is apparently moonlighting at a larger dental firm. What is the best denture to get and who can I get it from?

Margot said...


I have had new dentures made in Jan 2010,never had a problem with my old ones, just worn. The new ones never fit right, I went for adjustments until the dentist finally suggested to make another new set of only the lower dentures, more adjustments, still was not able to eat with them, I wrote a letter to the dentist in July of 2011 that I was tired of going for adjustments and that I still was unable to eat with the dentures, I suggested he make another new set of upper dentures also, I never heard back from the dentist. I had paid him $ 2200.00.
What can I do about this?

Dee said...

If you can find a DENTURIST instead of a dentist, you will finally get good dentures! Go back and read my original story regarding what to do if you do not get satisfaction from your dentist. They really are not qualified to do dentures and 9 out of 10 don't even do the impressions correctly...the nurses or assistants shouldn't be doing the impressions at all! David, you definitely have a case for your state Attorney General's office.

Margo, the dentist KNOWS he should have made both upper and lower together. Send a detailed account of the entire situation with dates and photos if you have them to your Attorney General's office. (you can do this right online) They HAVE to address the complaint with the dentist. Also contact your state's Dental Association....they will try to mediate and resolve the situation. I got back $1800 out of the $7000 I paid my dentist. Not enough, but it was a battle just to get that.

I've had my dentures (made by a denturist) for 2 years and have never had to get them adjusted and use NO fixadent on the uppers...I have implants on the bottom.

Nathan said...

You can also refer those who need dentures to highly-skilled and recommended dentists and denturists. After all, dentures are not just for aesthetic purposes. These are also important in digesting food.

Nathan Bedingfield

Rick said...

I paid a lot of money for new dentures and I cannot wear them at all. Dentist offered to redo one of them and "fix" the other but not before trying to get me to sign a form that waives my rights as a patient. I'm going to have to take him to small claims court. What other ways can I get him to refund my money?

julio said...

Does anyone know anthing about Aspen Dental in Rockford, IL or Machesney Park, IL?
I had a very painful experience with them. I have no insurance and they gave me a discount which included a full mouth extraction, a set of temporary dentures and then permanent ones in 6 months. I paid a total of $6800. The first problem I encountered was the temporary set did not fit at all even after the swelling went down. The lowers were like horse teeth in my mouth. The teeth were bent outwards and larger than my original teeth such that the lowers pushed my jaw out. It looked like I had a plub of tobacco in my lower lip. Add to that the fact that they slid around all over in my mouth. After two weeks I was still not able to eat with the teeth. Gagging was a constant problem. I kept talking to them and they kept giving me the run around. When you attempt to talk to the doctor who incidentally is indian or pakistani, he is difficult to understand. It seems like the place is totally run by the office manager. Everything has to go thru him. I am at my wits end with these people. Once I paid, they didn't seem to care about the teeth they thru in my mouth.
Has anyone else had a similar experience? How did you handle it?

futuregirl58 said...

I had all of my teeth removed in Dec.2010 due to periodontal disease. No temporary dentures were placed after removal and no dentures or impressions were made until Feb. of the next year due to surgery needed for removal of a protruding bone causing an absess on my top gum. After impressions were made, my dentures were made in May of 2011. Since this time I have been in for several adjustments, relining, and adjustments again. No relief for sliding dentures, constant gagging and excess saliva, all of which my dentist say are normal. It's been almost a year and I still can't have a decent meal without having to use powders or cream adhesive to keep them in and still moving dentures. All I am told is that it gets better with time. Will there ever be any relief or what should I do?